Multi-Touch Experiences

Custom Application

Touch technology is AFTER-MOUSE.COM’’s specialty. We’’ve developed over 180 custom multi-touch solutions for both small businesses and enterprises, in addition to off-the-shelf games and applications.

Our Premiere Partner Microsoft was the first company to adopt multi-touch technology with Windows 8 and Windows 10 software, allowing our team to develop the most advanced touch-based applications long before the competition. The touch inspired Windows platform is intuitive, easy to navigate, and multifaceted for whatever type of application you need. Our multi-touch applications are completely cross-platform and can be deployed seamlessly across any Windows device, from tablets to tables to walls.

AFTER-MOUSE.COM has also partnered with the leading multi-touch hardware developers, including 3M, Samsung, and Intel, to provide maximum convenience and versatility for our clients. Our multi-touch solutions are available in various sizes with vertical and horizontal viewing angles, and feature up to 80 points of touch for a truly engaging user experience.


Businesses looking to create next generation mobile applications can rely on AFTER-MOUSE.COM. We develop cross-platform mobile and web-applications across all major OS platforms including Android, iOs, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Our intuitive team will work with your business to develop a custom mobile solution that addresses all your needs at once, from wayfinding to content distribution to payment integration and beyond.

AFTER-MOUSE.COM’’s unique framework allows us to develop hybrid mobile applications across all major OS platforms using a single-code base. We use HTML5 responsive web design to provide a mobile, web-friendly solution that ensures content is usable across all device screens and sizes. With a cross-platform application, you’ll reach more customers through native app stores and the web, while saving tons of money on software updates and modules that individual OS platforms require.

Our team of experts has vast experience in mobile development across all industries, and has designed many applications that require complex interfaces and backend systems. Our subsidiary company,, was awarded the 2013 HIRM Best New Product in Technology as the first mobile and online ordering web-application for restaurants and hotels.

Wearable Technology

promo-technology2Technology continues to evolve and expand in the blink of an eye. At AFTER-MOUSE.COM, we anticipate the latest trends and innovations so you can be the first to stand out in your industry. Leading research companies report that the market for wearable technology will reach $30 billion in revenue by 2018. AFTER-MOUSE.COM is one of the first companies to offer custom applications for Google Glass, Microsoft Hololens and smart watches, utilizing GPS tracking and object recognition technology to provide live-streaming information for users.

Our team is fully engaged in wearable technology to better understand, identify and develop custom applications for this new and exciting sector. Whether you’re looking to improve workflow productivity, streamline product databases or expand your mobile market, AFTER-MOUSE.COM has the expertise to develop a custom wearable technology solution that suits your individual goals.


As world leaders in the gesture recognition application development, AFTER-MOUSE.COM has transformed the way users interact with technology. We develop intuitive custom solutions that allow users to communicate with devices naturally through gestures and voice commands.

AFTER-MOUSE.COM uses the most advanced motion sensing technology to capture uses’ real-time movements and gestures, including Kinect for Windows, Leap Motion and Intel Realsense. These devices use infrared sensors and adaptive depth-recognition technology to simulate touch and create an interactive experience where the user is the controller. Our gesture recognition technology can be used on any television, projector or display screen connected to a Windows PC, providing a cost-effective, plug-n-play solution for your business.

From digital brochures for Mazda to virtual Ecards for Swissotel, our custom gesture applications have provided one-of-a-kind experiences for businesses across all industries. Gesture has become a part of everyday life, but we understand this technology’s untapped potential to create experiences beyond the ordinary.

Security & Encryption

Security - Encryption

The Online Trust Alliance estimated that over 740 million online records were exposed in 2013, the worst year for data breaches to date. AFTER-MOUSE.COM recognizes how vital and vulnerable your company’s data is. That’s why we have a team of experts who develop robust, secure solutions that keep databases safe.

AFTER-MOUSE.COM was founded by a member of the PHP group –as a world leader in PHP development, we are able to review any code in PHP. Our penetration testing process identifies and validates risks within internal, external and wireless servers that threaten your company’s IT security. We also specialize in PCI Compliance and E-commerce audits in order to protect businesses and their customers against payment theft and fraud. From SSL encryption to e-commerce audits, AFTER-MOUSE.COM can provide a safer solution for your company’’s most valuable data.