AFTER-MOUSE.COM is an official Premier Partner of Microsoft®, a participant in their TAP and MAAP programs and a member of the Kinect Advisory Council. We use Windows 8 and Windows 10 based software to develop our applications, and have wide ranging expertise with motion recognition using Kinect for Windows and also Microsoft Hololens.


AFTER-MOUSE.COM is premier partners with 3M, who launched an incredibly versatile line of touch displays in 2013. The 3M Multi-Touch Display is our preferred large format touch solution, and is currently available in both 32x and 46x versions that are equipped to handle 40 simultaneous points of touch.


AFTER-MOUSE.COM has developed many applications for Samsung SUR40 touch screen tablets. The Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft® PixelSense table features object recognition and gorilla glass that makes for an experience unlike any other. With Microsoft PixelSense, the Samsung SUR40 sees and responds to touch and real world objects.


AFTER-MOUSE.COM partner, Intel, designs and builds technologies that transform computing devices. Intel RealSense technology uses advanced hand and finger tracking to control devices and objects. The technology features gesture recognition and an in-depth camera sensor to improve the way users interact in gaming, entertainment and content creation.


HUMElab is a touch furniture manufacturer, focused on design and technological innovation. Born of a collaboration between designers and engineers, HUMElab is focused on innovation and touch products creation, connected to clients’ needs. With their R&D laboratory, they study market’s expectations, to design, create and provide disruptive products. HUMElab’s ambition is to bring high tech design furniture designed in noble materials to our everyday lives. Whether at home with HUMElab for People, for businesses with HUMElab Business, or in customized version with HUMElab factory.