Carla Touch Table

Our new table ordering solutions are designed to be versatile so we have two types of User Interfaces. The two-person table has a UI customized for a 21.5” table experience with menu and content options facing each of the two guests.

4 People Table

We also offer a larger UI for a table of four guests on a 32” or 42” touch table. Each guest enjoys a UI facing them directly for optimal use of the menu and games experience. Learn more about pricing.

Custom Tables

Touch Ordering is also a world leader in delivering custom food and beverage multi-touch solutions. Based on your venue and brand’s needs, we can design and develop a rich guest dining experience with numerous cutting edge features that is unique to you.

Carla Touch Table

Off-the-Shelf Apps

Custom Application

In addition to our custom solutions, AFTER-MOUSE.COM also offers a broad range of multi-touch screen and gesture-based applications that are available for immediate download and purchase. Our business applications are equipped with tools and resources that build client loyalty and will increase your ROI. Our off-the-shelf apps are directly applicable to a wide variety of industries. We additionally developed an extensive library of off-the-shelf games for client seeking dynamic and cost-effective entertainment solutions, from sales facilitators to leisure activities.

AFTER-MOUSE.COM has a solution that will entertain, mesmerize and ultimately captivate your target audience.

Custom Development

AFTER-MOUSE.COM develops business applications tailored to your individual goals; whether you’re looking to increase sales, increase productivity, or create a true WOW experience for your customers, we have the experience to deliver real results. No request is too large or unique.

AFTER-MOUSE.COM has the expertise to turn your vision into a reality both quickly and inexpensively.


What Can We Build For You

AFTER-MOUSE.COM offers over 180 customizable applications for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, in addition to off-the-shelf applications and packages that are available for immediate purchase. We have a team of innovative designers, developers and project managers who specialize in multi-touch technology, motion recognition technology, wearable technology, and mobile application development. Our software is API friendly for your content. We are also hardware agnostic, so your applications can be readily deployed on multiple platforms.

AT AFTER-MOUSE.COM, we recognize that every company is unique and has a different end-goal; if none of our off-the-shelf applications are a solution for your business, we will create one that is. We have the app foundations for nearly any kind of development – from way finding to real estate – that we can tailor to meet your exact needs, or we can start from scratch and build a one-of-a-kind application just for you.

Custom Application