Representing a huge network of luxury hotels, the Swissotel hospitality application on Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft® Pixelsense™ lets guests explore their neighborhood and share their hotel experience on one hand, while discovering other Swissotel locations and building brand loyalty across the globe.

Guests learn about the local attractions on a Swissotel branded map with markers for each Swissotel location. Featured landmarks and activities are highlighted with text, photos and videos, and can be shared using a drag-and-drop motion to the corner, to be printed or sent via email! A Bing™ Powered map is also available with a birdseye view, all scalable and manipulable by touch.

The real Wow factor for the Swissotel application involved a virtual ECard sent with the guest’s own picture imposed on a branded Swissotel scene. We used Kinect™ for Windows® to take the user’s photo and crop them into a scene of their choice. The completed photo was then sent back to the Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft® Pixelsense™ where users could write a message on the back if they liked, and then share with friends via email or posting to their facebook profile!