As part of a widespread European rollout, AFTER-MOUSE.COM developed a three stage application for Mazda using Windows® 7 and 8 tablets, Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft® Pixelsense™ and Kinect™ for Windows®.

Phase 1
The first iteration of the Mazda project involved an interactive brochure, displayed tactilely using Windows® 7 tablets and Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft® Pixelsense™, as well as with gestures using Kinect™ for Windows®. Users explore content by turning pages of the virtual brochure and interacting with content stacks of photos, text, and videos. The Kinect™ based component was a digital brochure navigated by swiping left and right to turn the pages, ending with a promotional video.

Phase 2
The second development phase for Mazda’s rollout included a new Car Configurator application allowing users to customize every aspect of their CX-5 from the interior out. Selection modules let users choose their Engine, rims, transmission, even add-on features like LED lighting or additional shocks. Following any changes or upgrades, the vehicle’s specifications and price change in real time, with comparison charts showing the original model and the side-by-side with the changes.

Phase 3
The third phase, currently deployed in hundreds of dealerships all over France, takes the Car Configurator to a new level and features all 6 current 2013 models available. Customers can customize every aspect of their dream Mazda, and then share print their configuration, or share via email, Facebook, and Twitter. The SUR40 experience can also be saved with the user’s profile and accessed at any later date by visiting a dealership and inputting their email address.