International US Bank

Featured in the lobby of their US headquarters, one of the world’s largest investment banks signed on with AFTER-MOUSE.COM has to develop an application to educate their clients while waiting. Deployed on four Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft® Pixelsense™ tables, the application begins using a programmed object tag to launch content about the company’s investment process. The menu is divided into tabbed modules that launch a timeline of their history as well as relevant brochures and visuals to educate clients.

Live market data is also presented through the Market Snapshot, which features a live feed of financial data, displaying company performance with the daily S&P and DJIA performance. The information is presented in colorful graphs and modules which can be moved and manipulated on the screen. All the visuals can be presented in a grid format to make searching easier, and any content can be easily sent via email.

The experience is effective both as a waiting room tool, or as an experience to be shared between the bank’s team and their clients to promote better understanding and facilitate investment opportunities.