We developed a unique racing game with 3 levels and up to 4 players, and Planet’Touch, a beautifully designed game teaching children the importance of sustainable development and organization skills. Our Paint’Touch lets up to 4 children select drawings, connect-the-dots or maze games to draw on, fill with paint, and then share with friends and family. We also created updated versions of Pong, Sudoku, Air Hockey, Tic-Tac-Toe, and the casino game Boule.

The pack also includes two photo enhancement and sharing applications: Photobook’Touch allows users to upload photos from their personal files or right from the camera and create a virtual scrapbook. It’s easy to move photos, resize, change the coloring/contrast, add text, and then post your work to Facebook or share with friends via email. Our ECard application also allows users to select a photo and then customize a postcard by drawing and writing on it, also to share via email or social media.

Our brand new Windows® 8 lineup of 2013 features a version of Dominos, Blackjack, a Quiz game, and Rock-Paper-Scissors played using gesture with Leap Motion technology!