To celebrate the launch of the new Hennessy VSOP bottle, AFTER-MOUSE.COM developed a visually stunning presentation application using Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft® Pixelsense™. The application menu is filled with rotating bubbles highlighting information about Hennessy as a company as well as information about VSOP and the myriad of ways to use it.

A simple touch on the historical bubble launches content about Hennessy’s prominence in the past, present, and future as detailed with images and videos. To promote the versatility of VSOP, several of the bubbles feature Hennessy drink recipes based on flavor, such as citrus and berry. Selecting a base flavor lets the user choose between three levels of difficulty, learning about selected cocktails made with VSOP. The cocktail recipes and other Hennessy content is easily shared from the application using both Facebook and Twitter for incredible social media exposure.

The application’s launch was at a VIP event in Kuala Lampur, but has since been presented at shows worldwide.