Green Mountain

Café Escapes and Naturals are two of Green Mountain’s most popular product lines, and this retail application helps customers learn about their favorite products using touch screen overlays.

The Café Escape brand is known for its deep intense flavors, and customers can learn more about each product within the line, such as the hot chocolates and coffee flavors through simple text and images as well as video.

The Naturals application is presented not with information about the environmentally conscious products line such as apple cider, and unique recipes to try out, such as oatmeal brewed with warm cider. When a particular product is touched, a text box launches also featuring an embedded Facebook icon, so users can share their Green Mountain experience via social media as they are exploring.

Incredibly versatile, the Green Mountain application was developed for Windows® 7 and is hardware agnostic, operating on any Windows® 7 compatible device.