Using Kinect™ for Windows®, AFTER-MOUSE.COM developed a gesture-based retail application for French supermarket giant Casino. The application functions as a virtual carousel of products, and the user scrolls through the merchandise with a simple wave of the hand. Hovering over an item for a moment will expand into the product’s details and price, while a circular motion will manipulate the 3D image of the item to view from all angles.

Placing an item in the virtual shopping card is as easy as a single gesture and makes checkout that much easier.

It’s a unique customer sales experience both inside and outside the store; some installs were fitted behind storefront windows®, so passerby can explore a store’s inventory and learn about their products even afterhours. The backend analytics also track which products are viewed most often, products viewed together, and time spent per product, which Casino can then use to better their inventory and marketing strategy.