Bouygues Immobilier

A fully functioning 3D application, AFTER-MOUSE.COM developed a solution for Bouygues Immobilier to sell residential units in a planned community prior to construction beginning! Using Microsoft® Surface™ 1.0, users explore the proposed units all with the touch of a finger, from intricate floorplans to full 3D renderings of the building interior and exterior, including the community grounds.

Potential buyers can virtually explore the interior of the units for sale, and even make modifications such as changing the wall colors or floor! It’s easy to check out the neighborhood via a Bing® powered global map, pre-set with the construction location and nearby points of interest. Complete with digital brochures, photos and videos, the application immersed clients in their own creative, unique sales experience.

Additionally, the application cuts down on paper waste and agents’ time, and any brochures or items of interest can be saved and emailed or printed directly from the table for the client.