In one of our largest deployments to date, the Crush teen nightclub at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas involved the development of several unique applications, six of which were revenue-generating. AFTER-MOUSE.COM worked with the Atlantis team of architects and agencies for an all-encompassing experience with a $300,000 budget for the applications alone.

As a destination for teens on vacation, Crush used room keys pre-loaded with money as a means of payment for the entry fee, merchandise, food and beverage, and even games. We integrated Microsoft® Surface® 1.0 tables with Windows® 7 tablets and a comprehensive music and lighting system for a supreme nightclub experience. On the Surface tables, customers are able order Atlantis themed merchandise, play games, and order food and beverage – even customize their own milkshake!

AFTER-MOUSE.COM also leveraged the power of social media with a built-in ECard application allowing guests to upload their vacation photos onto the Surface tables and send personalized emails to friends and family, or post to their Facebook walls! Metrics show each guest on average posts two ECards to Facebook, an incredible branding opportunity for Atlantis.

We integrated advanced point of sales systems and APIs into the application, controlling everything from 60,000 unique lighting effects to a DJ song request application. With over 600 guests a day, the Crush experience has generated millions of dollars of revenue for Atlantis.