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Play for Good Touch TablePLAY for Good, a program launched by AFTER-MOUSE.COM, works with a network of partners to bring the benefits of collaborative touch table play to children’s hospitals and health organizations around the world.

Many nonprofits rely on the support of donors to acquire new equipment and expand their programming. We connect potential grant-makers and funders with qualified nonprofit organizations to help bring multi-player PLAY touch tables to pediatric patients and their families. These touch tables are bringing the empowering and healing benefits of collaborative play to children and their families when they need it most – in hospitals, surgical waiting rooms, health clinics and communal housing.

While traditional play is widely accepted as beneficial, the body of research demonstrating the positive benefits of collaborative, technology-based play is still growing. To improve our understanding of the applications and best practices for using collaborative technology-based play, PLAY for Good is investing time and resources into collaborations with leading research institutes to develop new applications and study the use of collaborative technology-based play.

PLAY Touch Table

Starting at only $5,950 with 8 multi-player games, our all-inclusive, interactive game touch table is designed to bring people of all ages together.

– Multi-player, multi-touch table for children and adults.
– 21 collaborative games.
– Waterproof, shockproof and a 3-year warranty.

Additional Games

Offer more games with additional Game Packs:
– 4 games for $400/table
– 8 games for $800/table

Share Your Content

Feature your interactive brochures, pictures and videos on the PLAY touch table to share your story, or promote educational resources. $1,000/table

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Touch Table

Funding Opportunities

The PLAY touch table supports collaborative, multi-player play for children and adults. In stressful or uncomfortable situations, collaborative play can help reduce anxiety and help younger children cope with emotional stress.

We know many nonprofits reply on the generous support of funders, so PLAY for Good has developed a network of potential grant-makers to help children’s health organizations secure the support needed to obtain PLAY touch tables.

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Plug & Play Games

We set the industry standard in offering a very large portfolio of multi-touch, multi-player games ready to deploy immediately.

Our 21 games have been enjoyed around the world by all age groups and allow for multiple players to participate at the same time, making for a community-based, fun experience for everyone.

We also offer customizations that allow you to integrate your content and branding into existing game designs – customize quiz content or replace balloon images with your logo, for example. We can help you promote educational resources and your brand without having to build a game from scratch.

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